Holiday Engagement?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you are reading this you or someone close to you probably got engaged over these last couple of weeks. The holiday season is the most magical time of the year and boy are we excited for you!

You have a shiny new rock on your left hand, you got to see all of your family and childhood friends for Christmas festivities and ate more than you thought your body could hold! The holidays are coming to an end and you are beginning to ask yourself, “What do I do now?” “Where do I even begin?”.

Here are just a few steps to getting that BIG wedding ball rolling! P.S – Don’t let the word “BIG” freak you out!

1.     LOCATION/STATE: For a lot of couples, this could be a tough one; You both grew up in different states and now y’all live in another one on the opposite side of the country. For others, it may be a no brainer! You both still live in the same town you grew up in – Or – You have always just thought of having a destination wedding! Find your options, write down the Pros&Cons, just start by choosing a location. This doesn’t mean a venue, just a state and town proximity.

2.     DATE: There could be multiple elements in this category. First, talk to your fiancé about dates that already have significance– An anniversary date, the first time you met, something with meaning - OR – start with a random, fresh date and make it yours, give it new meaning! Narrowing down possible dates could also depend on the season (you may have a preference) and the venue availability. It is alright to have interests in more than one date; this will give you greater chances of getting what you want!

3.     VISIT A BRIDAL SHOW: This time of year, January-March, the country is loaded with bridal shows! All of the big cities are having shows at local convention centers and so much more. Just Google! These are open to the public and you can even pre-register for most online. This will give you and your fiancé a chance to meet tons of vendors, see pictures of venues, and even taste cake! You may become overwhelmed with all of the options and choices but this is where #4 will come in handy!

4.     WEDDING PLANNER: You can find us at Bridal shows too! My first suggestion would be to find some wedding planners in the location that you have chosen. Look at their websites, call them on the phone, find someone whose style and personality fits yours! By choosing a wedding planner in the location of the wedding, will give him/her the opportunity of better assisting you. Wedding Planners have worked with the majority of vendors and venues in the area; They can point you in the right direction, as every vendor may not be for you. Your wedding planner can keep you within your budget and create the image you have always dreamt of.