Stay Calm and throw a SUPERBOWL Party

Last week, WPDE ABC News15 reached out to me in regards to doing some segments on hosting/decorating/entertaining for a Super Bowl party.

Sunday, February 7th Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos ~ HELLAVA GAME! Everyone loves Peyton Manning (including me!) and this is probably going to be his last game before retiring. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers, who had an unbelievable season and certainly worked their way to the top! So, secretly inside I was cheering for both Panthers & Peyton. 

Before I ever started dating Bill, it was his tradition to host Superbowl in his home every year. This is the 6th year hosting and it gets bigger & better every time – SO when the news station called, I thought, what better place to film the segments than in our home! Plus it gave me a chance to decorate and clean a few days early ;)

Above is the video that was on our local news station. Below are photos of what things I created and showed off.


Decorating with streamers, banners & balloons. I kept this neutral by using white & greens (football fields are green! DUH), but you can certainly use your team colors instead. When creating the banner I cut triangles out of construction paper and wrote “TOUCHDOWN” – a letter on each triangle. To give it extra PIZZAZ, I even made my O’s into footballs!! Tape some string to the back of the triangles and hang up in any part of your home. When filming and taking these pictures I did not have balloons yet but later found Panthers & Broncos balloons at Kroger. 

No matter what kind of event I am hosting I always put a tablecloth on my dining room table. Not only does it protect the table but it also makes for easy clean up - && it’s pretty! I got a roll of brown craft paper, stretched out to the size of the table and cut. I had a white chalk pen around the house – you can use whatever kind of chalk, marker, or pen you have. Start in the middle with a 50 yard line and work your way to the ends marking every 10yrd line. In the end zones, I put PANTHERS on one side & BRONCOS on the other. I used my same white pen to write these but you can get crafty and use the team colors. 

Who doesn’t love mason jars?!? It’s one of the new trends with wedding & home décor. Fortunately, I had a box of them actually sitting in my garage, along with some acrylic paint. I painted 2 jars with Carolina Blue & white strips – 2 jars with orange & navy stripes. I used these jars to hold straws and utensils for our guests. I then took a few more mason jars, cut out small triangles, and tied a ribbon around the jars and used the triangles as name tags. Everyone has a cup, yet never really remembers where they place it.   

BARS! Bars that serve liquor, bars that serve candy, & bars that serve POPCORN! We all love bars! I stuck with the “bar” theme when creating my menu for the party. First, I got some football shaped platters from the dollar tree. I always make homemade GUAC (a fan fav) and have a couple different options for salsa – So why not put all these out with some scoops tortilla chips and call it a bar? Multiple options for any kind of taste bud. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and we love to create new flavors. I found some cute popcorn bags on clearance and had 4 popcorn seasonings for my guests to choose from. When creating a “BAR” you can have something as simple as popcorn and take it to that next level by just providing a few options to go with it. 

Again, keep it fun, easy & affordable!